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Finance and Banking science department

*Brief about department:

A sense of the importance of developing financing and banking sector either in governmental sector or private sector and following up the economic changes that Iraqi economy facing, so the college have decided in 1998 to introduce develop this department.

The department have depended on the deep knowledge principle of that science and enhancing the educational curriculum with seminars, conferences, specialized scientific training courses within this specialty of department.

*Department vision:

Department vision presented to be distinguished in teaching, research and social responsibility field, also continuous uplifting in programs and academic specialty to reach well organized position, so as department graduates have first class choice in taking up working places in the general and private organizations.

*Department message:

Preparing scientific and distinguished academic environment by providing creative human resources, technical, managerial advance systems and research opportunities to prepare capable graduates of invocation and group scientific and practical skills to fill the needs of the banking institutions and others, so as to uprise and develop the Iraqi society.

*Department objectives:

The objectives of department are preparing staff with skills suitable for requirements of management of financial activity specially banking works through the special educational programs and the theoretical and practical assistance which student obtains during the studying years, which enable student to use it through his practical life specially in the fields of finance and banking and applying that in managing and organizing works in companies government and private banks or in managing and organizing shares, bonds and funds.

*Studying system in department

The studying system in department is by semesters, were two semesters each year, where as each semester consists of fifteen weeks, at end of each their will be central examinations.

*Working areas of graduate

1-working in banks off all types.

2- working in insurance companies.

3- working in investment companies.

4- working in financial institutions.

5- working in financial markets.

6- working in finance offices of all ministries.

7- working in financial investment companies.

8- working in loans and financing companies.

9- working in private investment fields and managing portfolios.

10- working in bureaus companies.

*Certificates and privileges

Graduate student will be awarded a B.sc certificate in finance and banking science, which allow him to proceed for postgraduate studies in Iraqi or international universities and can work at all financial and banking jobs. 



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