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Computer science department

Brief about department:

Computer science department was established in 1997 to keep up with development in the field of computer science and applying and functioning in the practical fields also initializing the students to be specialized in this active and lively field to service the country in all required sectors. The studying period in the department is four years, the graduate will be awarded a B.sc in computer science. Academic year 2016/20107 courses system will be commence. The department has participated in many activities scientific and cultural, represented in conferences inside and outside Iraq, also in the department and college festivals, such as department day and discussions of final year projects.

Department vision:

Computer science department vision represents that would be one of the best among the government universities and  private colleges.

In Iraq, which graduate distinguished student in the field where there is an open competitive market, so as large companies will be willing to chose our students to join their working teams.

The department always looking forward to provide the best quality knowledge supported with most up to date technology , also the department ambition is to develop the scientific research of the member of staff.

Department message:

The department always wishing to participates in performing the academic message, where it is keen in preparing distinguished quality graduate with high knowledge so as when graduating will have an excellent back ground with sum up the knowledge and basic skills required in order to solve the society problems, also they will be capable to speed what have learned between the people to improve the computer application and usage.

Also the department ambition that student obtain modern and new knowledge in various technological fields that serve people and society that living in, at the same time the department concent rating on keep the scientific, ethics and values levels as high as possible.

Aim of department:

1-Preparation of distinguished specialists in the computer science capable of competition and development on the long run.

2-Applying modern electronic technics in the educational process.

3-Developing high quality of flexible and dynamical university studies which supports the academical, industrial and social process grounds of merit.

4-Application of total quality standards in all elements of educational operations that department provide.

5-Participating in creativity, innovation and providing the excellent services to the local society as well as  looking for awards to surrounding countries and internationally.

6-Uplifting in the scientific research and looking forward to global fame.

7-Leting the graduates to join the society so they be capable to work and develop in their positions through field training and helping the graduates to find job chances suitable as computer science graduate.

8-Making and establishing joint works with higher educations associations and local centres.

Studying system in department:

The study system in the department semesters system, each year consist of two semesters, where as it contains of number of subjects will be given through (15) weeks, after competing the semester student submit central examination.

 Working areas for students:

Students graduate of development can work in the following areas:

-Computing and engineering programming

-Managing and participating in designing computers networks

-Working with groups to manufactures applications of smart systems.

-Packages developer which this task to built and participating in developing computing system information.

-Network analyzer, his task evaluating companies need to know the suitable type of nets.

-Games developer, his task manufacturing as designer of video games or programmer. 


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