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Business administration department

Brief about department


A sense of the importance of developing the business administration sector either in governmental and private and the following up the changes that the managerial and economy of Iraq, because of that the department was established in 1996 under the name commercial science department then in 2001/2002 the department expanded to have the name accountance and managerial science department, then in the year 2002/2003 become the business administration department, so as to provide human researches with high specialized skills in this field to support governmental and non governmental organizations. The department award B.sc certificate in business administration after the student complete 78.5 dependent studying hours in distributed program over four years of requirement.

Department vision

Leading, reference and distinguish in management and finance science through scientific balanced program between academic syllabus and scientific research to brush the graduate skills to service society with college vision.

Department message

Department message seek to enchance the college message as a specialized college in finance and management science in all of teaching, scientific research and distinguished academic experts capable to serve the community by graduate administrators with high power of efficiency and activity to work in the field of business administration to fill the requirement  and necessities of working market and always seeking to develop member of teaching staff and workers in the department and determine cooperate relationship with all local society organizations and ensure to social responsibility.

Department objectives

-providing distinguished experts in business administration specialized capable to meet working market requirements and initializing the student with general and specialized modern knowledge and supply them with different skills in the field of business administration.

-Participating with other departments of college to ensure and achieve active joint work to serve society.

-Improving the teaching planning and educational programs of department in proportion with development of specializing leading skills through the integration between intellectual and cognitive community for student in line with overall quality requirement in the higher education.

-Encouraging the scientific research and providing the physical and moral determinants required and working on increasing human resources performance efficiency in the department.

-Striving to support the community by higher education specialization (M.se & ph.D). in business administration because of what the department have from teaching skills with high degree of academic names and scientific efficiency and abilities to be in the first positions of all business administration departments of other universities.

-Distinguished in providing graduates armed with new knowledge programs.

Studying system in department

                                                           the studying system in the department in by semesters for the first year student which consists of two semesters and at the end of each semester there is an examination, this system been applied in the year 2016/2017. While the rest of classes its yearly consist of two sessions of 15 weeks each, after that student eaters examination.

Working areas:

The graduate have chances of work in all fields, either in general or private sector, where as the department award a certificate of B.sc specialized in business administration which make him eligible to work in all official, semi-official government offices as well as in private sector.

Certificates and privileges

The graduate student will be awarded a B.sc certificate in business administration and have the rights to join post graduate courses at the Iraqi and other foreign universities, beside that

graduate have privilege to join M.sc course at Al-israa jordaian university according to the convention between the two colleges with 25% fees reduction.   



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