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statement of Mr. dean

  This year coincides with the twentieth anniversary celebration of the establishment of Baghdad college of Economic sciences.

In this occasion would like to congratulate and blesses all members of teaching staff, administrators, working staff and workers for their great efforts to achieve the message and objective of the college.

Also congratulates all the graduates of the passed years which they are the scientific fruits that been fed our beloved Iraq with.

And congratulates the new students of this year, wishing them that this year be full of with progress and scientific efforts.

Also special greeting and congratulation to our brave arm and public crowd heroes on their victories on terrorism to librate all our lands, we are very proud of them and supports their victory with the achievement in scientific knowledge forums.

The Baghdad college of Economic sciences, have planned in its twentieth year new vision which will works for during the coming period which is:


In our scientific products,

Research, knowledge and skills.

Also have adopted a message which supports that vision toward distinetioned prodictive institution and graduates creating job changes and contributing in the growth and development.

The college message can be justified through three the men of works to satisfy them, which can be shown in the following triangle.

Engilsh messege traingle

The new vision and message of the college are to connects its rich Walworth and deep significant past with the future that seeking to construct so as top be a distinguished scientific academic institution includes and facilitates all element of distinguished organization, in order to be productive university proving for its society and contributing in development growth through projects and participating in cooperations, and be capable to introduce and provides graduates qualified with knowledge and skills to suit and keep pace with need of society and market, one of the graduate qualification is to creat  and produce work changes to contributes in growth development.

The achievement to reach all that are subjected to work side by side and supporting the different frame work of teaching operation at the college which includes (management, teaching member of staff and student).

From here we call on all members of college, teaching staff, administers, working staff to give all the efforts to proceed forward to fillful and satisfy the message and vision of college.

Would like from our dear students whom they compose the future of Iraq to be series and active personal in the university, in their studies, attendance to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles and not surrender to it in order to achieve their future and fulfill their dreams, also practicipating in building Iraq. 

                                                               Prof. Dr.Raad Abdullah idan

                                                                       November 2016   

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