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Conventions and international relations

In harmonization with the college objectives to keep up with the huge development that the world passing at the opening of the third millennium, the college insisted to update its scientific strategy through opening on higher education institutions by holding scientific cooperation conventions for the aims of developing studying programs, skills and services, so a memorandum of understanding have been signed with a number of Arab and world universities where as the college made with

*Al israa private university/Jordan-Amman since 2005 till now.

*Middle east university for post graduate studies since 2009 till now. Where as the ministry of higher education and scientific research have recognized because all those universities have a good repention.

The items of the memorandum include the following:

*Exchanging visits for member of teaching staff

*Exchanging the scientific and managerial experience between the two sides

*Providing the librarian and electronic information for researchers.

*Participating in conferences and scientific meetings

*Easing the tasks of post graduates students who joins the courses and grants them 25% reduction of the fees.

*The college have hold a memorandum of understanding with Baneri malizian university on 22/2/2011 which represent one of esteem and well recognized university in Malyizia also is recognized by our ministary of higher education and scientific research. This convention includes scientific cooperation, research, obtaining new up to date scientific references also faciliting the acceptance of our students and member of staff for higher education studies with some reduction in the courses fees.    









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